"Tachyons - They're not miracles, but they sure act like it"

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Are EMFs Ripping Your Reality?
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Tachyonized Silica Disks,
Cubes and Phone Cells


Cell Phone Epidemic!
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Tachyonized Phone Disks


Foot and Leg Therapy 
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Bathing the Reflex Points of your feet with 
Pure energy! Create truly happy feet

Tachyonized Happy Souls

Start Breathing Freely:

Build and strengthen your
natural allergy response system.

Organic ,Natural Tachyon Solution
Tachyonized Allergy Relief Is Here!


It is never to soon to start!

Tachyonized Spiritual Nutrition!

We have a proven selection of youthing tools
backed by 23 years of research.
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Bring Out the Best in Your Pet!

Research Proven, Life Enhancement

Tachyon Tools for your pet is Here!

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Stop Hurting Now! 

For over 23 years we have specialized in
been providing pain relief.

The Tachyon Liberty Belt Is HERE!

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Whole Body Transformation! 

Tachyonized Water bypasses all barriers 
 and affects the Whole Body!

 For good reasons, a top Seller since 1991

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Tachyon Source

Tachyon Source

Advanced Tachyon Technologies, led by Tachyonization™ inventor, David Wagner, has grown to serve 156 Countries, Changing Lives Globally! You have found the world's only patented and globally researched Tachyonized products.

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Are Cell Phones a health hazard?  The answer is a clear YES, according to one entropy  research expert, Dr. Gabriel Cousens, founder of The Tree of Life Center. The answer to this epidemic issue is Tachyonized Micro Phone disks.

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Zero Point

Zero Point

According to quantum physics, the material universe is a very dense form of energy. Tachyonized™

materials offer direct access to the Infinite Possibilities of the Zero-Point Field. All Tachyonized products are covered Under a 2010 U.S.A. Patent.

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EMF Solutions

EMF Solutions

Human beings and all other living creatures have their own electromagnetic energy balance. From the holistic perspective it is Man-Made EMFs that are causing all the health issues. Fortunately Tachyonized™ disk solves the EMF issues.