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Dear Friends



I have been approached by hundreds of Tachyon enthusiasts requesting new Tachyon re-seller programs. And quite frankly I am thrilled. Why? It definitely wasn't because I am looking for more to do. With multiple roles at Advanced Tachyon Technologies, University of Integrated Science, Wholelectic International, Essene Order of Light, RBI Inc., workshops, research projects, new product development and the guiding factor of Tachyonized potential, it felt like my boat was full!  The reason: Advanced Tachyon Technologies international Inc. is the largest and so far the only manufacturer of patented proven Tachyonized products. We network with health care professionals globally. Countless healthcare professionals look to Tachyonized products to work when nothing else has. Tools that literally are the most useful, practical health tools to help their clients and their practices.

This is the most electrifying, meaningful time in the history of integrated medicine. For the first time, we can quickly and affordable provide Tachyonized tools to the masses. We have identified that all humans operate within their personal Subtle Organizing Energy Fields which have been proven to convert Tachyon into the frequencies needed to promote physical and energetic balance, encouraging health and vitality. We can add a Tachyon micro disk to a cell phone or to a smartphone to all but completely eliminate the negative impacts they have on our families, children and loved ones. Or use a Tachyonized silica disk on a computer or fuse box to eliminate the negative effects of EMFs. In this world of ever-increasing technology, I witness the ever expanding superimposed and convergent technologies bathing humanity in a digital infrastructure that includes ever-increasing bandwidth, pervasive connectivity, cloud and super-computing, mammoth social networks, and those shrinking mobile devices that humanity cannot put down. It has become clear that we must become proactive in fortifying health and well-being within this pervasive onslaught of foreign energies.

Integrated Medicine and Tachyonized tools in particular are thus poised for their largest shakeup ever as they  transform to a more precise, individualized, model of expansion. My desire at ATTI, today, is to help capture this excitement, the changes and opportunities, along with the challenge. ATTI will be expanding its range of programs in areas that will be rebooting what we offer, which include not only new programs and discounts for practitioners, health care specialists, teachers and professionals, but also the integrative aspects of social media, internet marketing, shops, warehouses and integrative health informatics. We have an outstanding global family of experts across all health disciplines, and it is time to mobilize these experts. we are opening new channels of possibilities, health, joy and prosperity.  By unifying we'll provide the world with timely and insightful programs, with personal and planetary balance as our goal.

We intend to take ATTI to the next level, one that embraces the need for change and zooms in on the ways to get there -- the ways to provide better, more effective programs for our business partners, old and new, while effectively delivering Tachyonized tools from the source to the individual whose lives they change.  We are all connected, with only a few electrons that separate us. I welcome your ideas and feedback about how we can support you, so please direct emails to  To view a list of proposed resale programs go to: VIRTUAL OFFICE  and click on 
Sell Tachyon and Shake Up the World!

David Wagner
Advanced Tachyon Technologies International Inc.



Answers to Your Questions About the Changes to the ATTI Website and Marketing System


First, we want to thank everyone who has contacted and supported us through this process.
Here are the answers to the main questions we are receiving about it:


Why these questions and answers?


Our commission engine "program" was custom built in 2004.  The code it was written in is now an antiquated language that can not be integrate with the latest release programing language by Microsoft (SQL 2012). The "program" attached to our old website, kept the website from being upgraded.  The old website-Program was failed to work with all the new browsers.  General inability for customers to order was escalating globally.  ATTI, was forced to upgrade the software-server in order to solve the  usability issue.  With this technical shift was unavoidable.  This was Microsoft's technical advances that rendered our "program" obsolete.


1. We are NOT going out of business!


2. Yes, the MLM (Multi-Level Marketing system) is offline forever.


3. We are paying 3 months of extra commissions. If you earned commissions in March, you will be paid the same amount in April, May and June 2013.


4. We are transferring your account to the new site.


5. You will receive better specials. This means lower prices!


6. We will be offering a special free shipping on orders with a subtotal above $75.00 going to Europe, the USA, and Canada for a limited time


7. There are new programs that either pay a commission or give the person larger discounts. Example of the new programs are:
shops, professionals, therapists, bloggers, warehouses, etc.


8. The system has completed the transfer  to the new site.


9. You will not need to re-learn how to order.


10. The new site is much faster!


11. Yes, it does work on iPads and tablets.


12. Yes, you can log in with your Facebook account.


13. Yes, your current username and password will work on the new site.


14. You will not lose existing prepayment credits. We have a form that you can use to transfer them to the new site.


15. English will be online first, but German, Czech, Spanish, Flemish and Romanian will be copied over daily.


16. Yes, we will provide the access ti sign up in the new programs AFTER we switch.


17. Yes, products will still be shipped from Holland or USA.


18. Yes, we are still growing!

launched.  Development is going smoothly with a new focus on touch screen, mobile and a new opportunity for resale of Tachyon Energy Products.

Today we are working at fixing links and activating pages.  Stay Tuned.



For the past two days we have seen significant interruptions in the delivery of   It has been reported by Tachyon partners, that the outages last for approximately 3-5 minute and then clear themselves.  Our technical dept is aware and monitoring the situation.

We hope to have resolution very soon.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Thank you

Tachyon Support