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  • Shaking up the world! Posted 3 years ago
    Dear Friends     I have been approached by hundreds of Tachyon enthusiasts requesting new Tachyon re-seller programs. And quite frankly I am thrilled. Why? It definitely wasn't because I am looking for more to do. With multiple roles at Advanced Tachyon Technologies, University of Integrated Science, Wholelectic International, Essene Order of Light, RBI Inc., workshops, research projects, new product development and the guiding factor of Tachyonized potential, ...
  • Answers to the Tachyon Move Posted 3 years ago
    Answers to Your Questions About the Changes to the ATTI Website and Marketing System   First, we want to thank everyone who has contacted and supported us through this process. Here are the answers to the main questions we are receiving about it:   Why these questions and answers?   Our commission engine "program" was custom built in 2004.  The code it was written in is now an antiquated language that can not be integrate with the latest release programing language by Microsoft (SQL 2012). The "program" attached to our old website, kept the website from being upgraded.  The old website-Program was failed to work with all the new browsers.  General inability for customers to order was escalating globally.  ATTI, was forced to upgrade the software-server in order to solve the  usability issue.  With this technical shift was unavoidable.  This was Microsoft's technical advances that rendered our "program" obsolete.   1. We are NOT going out of business!   2. Yes, the MLM (Multi-Level Marketing system) is offline forever.   3. We are paying 3 months of extra commissions. If you earned commissions in March, you will be paid the ...
  • New Server Launched! Posted 3 years ago
    launched.  Development is going smoothly with a new focus on touch screen, mobile and a new opportunity for resale of Tachyon Energy Products. Today we are working at fixing links and activating pages.  Stay Tuned.
  • Website Connectivity Issues RESOLVED Posted 3 years ago
    Hello,   For the past two days we have seen significant interruptions in the delivery of planet-tachyon.com   It has been reported by Tachyon partners, that the outages last for approximately 3-5 minute and then clear themselves.  Our technical dept is aware and monitoring the situation. We hope to have resolution very soon. We apologize for any inconvenience. Thank you Tachyon Support
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