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Through the search for Free Energy, David Wagner scientifically postulated at first — and then indirectly proved — Tachyon Energy’s existence. Today, we all envision its potential. Despite all opposition, the Tachyon era has begun. Tachyonization was invented in 1990 and has been serving the planet since.


Global Research Proven Technology:

  • Dr. Gabriel Cousens | USA
  • Carl Tropy | USA
  • Dr. Hansen | Germany
  • Dr. G. Haffelder | Germany
  • Dr. Greg Wiesman | USA
  • Dr. Glen Rein | USA
  • Michael Coyle| USA
  • Dr. S.K. Ramesh | Dubai
  • Christine Baillie | USA
  • Dr. Joerg Rinne | Germany
  • Dr. Peter Thomas | Germany
  • Dani Williams | USA
  • Dr. Sr. Simble | Russia
  • Jack Stukie | USA
  • William Bennet | USA
  • Craig Hodgman | USA

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We Have Been Earning Your Trust Since 1990

In today's world of inflated claims, you're wise to question who you can trust when it comes to maintaining, enhancing or rebuilding your health. 

What the research, patents and historical information reveal.

There is only one company that is a USA Patent proven manufacturer of Tachyonized materials. 

Advanced Tachyon Technologies International (ATTI) for more than 20 years has been promoting health, inner peace and global balance.

The Tachyon World Network

Evolve to a Higher State of Health:                      It IS Possible, and OmniEnergetics can Help!

OmniEnergetics was founded by Tricia Hoehn, an Occupational Therapist whose education, work experience and own battle with cancer led her on a journey of exploration and discovery into the world of Holistic Health and Energy Medicine.  Utilizing advanced evaluation and treatment tools, she assists others to evolve to a higher level of health and wellness through the identification and correction of imbalances in the energy system; such imbalances typically result in pain, weakness, and physical, mental, or emotional distress.

Tricia has a bachelors degree in psychology and a masters degree in Occupational Therapy.  A CEDSA/Vital technician (bioenergetic evaluator) and a certified Tachyon Holistic Health Practitioner, she enjoys speaking about energy medicine and mentoring other healthcare providers who would like to incorporate Tachyon into their practice.

OmniEnergetics' Unique 3-Step System:

  1. Identify energetic imbalances in the body that may cause or contribute to pain and dysfunction 
  2. Reorganize the energetic anatomy to prime the body for significant and lasting results 
  3. Revitalize the body, mind, and spirit through individualized supplementation, holistic remedies and lifestyle/ environmental redesign.

Our motivation. 

Whether you are a member of our global Tachyon community, or have just found us for the first time, ATTI is here to provide you with the proven technology to help you become as healthy as you can possibly be.

How we do it.

Providing  cutting edge Tachyonized tools, trainings and resources that will most benefit you and exposing those creating hype over their frequency products which can deplete or impair your health. We are the guardians of the Tachyonization™ process, and therefore, are not handcuffed to any advertisers, silent partners or corporate parents.

When we offer or recommend Tachyonized products, we do so because it has been proven through both controlled and field research to specifically enhance your health. 

Website Profits:

Profits from this website goes right back into creating and maintaining a better site for you, maintaining a quality support team and supporting the global Tachyon community.

Understanding Advanced Tachyon Technologies: 

Understanding the research:

The "NOT TACHYONIZED"  Exposed list

Since 1990 Prof. David Wagner has led by example. He sees the world in ways that few understand, yet it is his purity of sight and original thinking that has helped individuals worldwide discover Tachyonized tools and their Life Without Limits!

In 2011, this website served 156 countries.   Welcome to The New Paradigm in Holistic Healing!